Mission & Philosophy


  • We are committed to be an exceptional school with a difference. The graduates of our school will be cognizant, sensitive, reflective and participative individuals who, taking pride in themselves and the nation, will impact and influence a changing society with confidence and creativity.
  • The school is committed to providing a challenging, enriching and purposeful learning environment on a sustained basis in the belief that this engages students in maximum learning. Holistic, value based self-development through nurturing life skills will be the nucleus of this affirmative learning environment.
  • The school is committed to lifelong learning for all and will provide constant opportunities for professional and personal development for the teachers and the collaborative learning community.


The word "Gangothri" is a confluence of "Ganga" and "Utthari" which means descended. Every drop of Knowledge arising out of Gangothri, descending down to every individual student is divine. Here every student gets to know their own self in a better way and is taught not only the education but reality and how to consider each person in their own life. It symbolizes the true knowledge and also that the blessings of the goddess is noticed in every step.


The Gangothri International Public School comes under the Gangothri Education Trust group. The founders believe in the philosophy that education is not just a vocation but a passion. And this passion is to explore the possibilities of personal and professional development through education and research. In pursuit of this goal, our learners will be provided with a strong foundation that lays equal emphasis on qualitative education and positive attitude towards a bright future. It is this crown of completeness that distinguishes our institution from the rest. There will be NO compromise with quality.