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Admissions open from Montessori to Class 10 for the AY : 2018-19

Candidates Interested in Teaching English, Kannada, Hindi, EVS, Science, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Social Science can send in their resume to

Welcome to Gangothri International Public School

Gangothri International Public School is set amidst beautiful, evergreen flora and scenic greenery spread in a 4.5 acre complex, which takes students away from the hubbub of the city and brings them closer to nature which is eco-friendly. In today's increasingly globalized, technology-driven and competitive world, education is undergoing a paradigm shift and the whole emphasis of basic education has now come to rely on "total personality development". Schools everywhere are thus reconfiguring their environments in order to bring the best out of the innate traits and talents of each individual child in their care. Gangothri International Public School is a product of this new-generation trend.


  • Gangothri Convent (1988)
  • Gangothri School of Nursing (1997)
  • Gangothri College of Nursing (2003)
  • Gangothri Institute of Teacher Training (B.Ed) (2004)
  • Gangothri International Public School (2009)


Learning at the Kindergarten is designed to be an enjoyable experience for children, thus making them want to come to school every day. By increasing student interest, by making learning fun but meaningful, we lay the foundation...

Junior School

Junior School

The Junior School Program at Gangothri International Public School comprises of Grade I to Grade V. These are the foundation years of education, where various skills, preferences and abilities are developed...

Middle School

Middle School

The Middle School Program at Gangothri International Public School comprises of Grade VI to Grade VIII. In the Middle School students build on the foundations laid in previous years. New challenges are met as communication, reasoning...

High School

High School

The CBSE program for grades 9 & 10 aims to prepare students to seek admissions in professional courses and top Universities worldwide.  In addition to regular academic courses, students are prepared for competitive examinations.  

Salient Aspects

  • Landscaped garden and spaces–Park, and other learning zones
  • Spacious & specially designed classrooms to enhance learning
  • Classrooms integrated with smart board technology
  • Spacious buildings–Strict security cover
  • Sophisticated Science Labs & Well-equipped high end computers
  • Well-stacked library
  • Audiovisual Hall with LCD projector
  • Huge Auditorium for mass activities
  • International Standard-Half Olympic Size Swimming pool
  • Trained teachers - comprehensive staff development programmes
  • Student Teacher Ratio of 1:10

Sports & Physical Education

Gangothri International Public School recognizes the need to nurture talent in students from an early age. It inspires them to take on the challenges of life and exhibit the spirit of competition and sportsmanship. Students are encouraged to perform not only at school level but also at the national and international levels. The Sports Academy consists of special coaching camps for various Outdoor games like athletics, basketball, shuttle badminton, cricket, football and Indoor games like table tennis, Chess, Carrom, Stating which are being conducted.


In the quest to develop happy, healthy well-rounded children, the Sports Department plays a very significant role in not only nurturing the students' talents on the sports field but also in developing all facets of the students' personality.


Art education at GIPS is designed to develop and nurture students' creativity. Students broaden the definition of art by engaging in various forms. Starting with the elements of design (line, color, shape, space, texture, etc) students gradually move in depth to the principles of design (balance, pattern, emphasis, contrast, rhythm, and etc).

Students learn art education through various methods such as drawing, painting, pottery, photography, animation, weaving, and wood carving. Art history, an important segment of the art curriculum, helps students understand the techniques they will use.


Safety of the children and a comfortable journey, to and fro, are motivating factors of our excellent transport facility. Our vehicles are provided with seat belts for security, along with a conductor to help manoeuvre with ease.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) installed in the buses tracks all vehicles through the day. This remarkable technological device maintains a record of the location and time of the vehicle, which can be referred to when necessary. With this, we are also able to monitor the time spent at every pick-up and drop point, which further helps prevent recurring delays.